Price: $16,499.99
Devices A scan, B scan, keratometer (corneal curvature measurement)
Data transmission Infrared transmission. Can connect with video copying-press or workstation.  Image grey achieves 256 shaes; fine definition; strong anti-interference capacity of image signal
Procedures Can analyze, measure, calculate, compare, amplify or minify image.  Images can be saved in computer
Size 220mm x 220mm x 300mm
A Scan  
Probe 10 MHz solid probe, inner luminated
Precision .04mm
Range (AL) 0mm-40mm
Gain 30dB-105dB
Measure range Anterior Chamber, lens, vitreous, length.
Auto calculate average and analysis statistics
IOL formula SRK-II, SRK-T, Binkhorst, holladay, hoffer-q, haigis
Curve Freeze Manual and auto recognition freeze
B Scan  
Probe 10MHz Magnetic driven noiseless
Resolution Lateral <.2mm; Vertical < .4 mm
Geometric location precision Lateral <10%; Vertical <5%
Depth 0mm-60mm
Angle 53 degrees
Gray scale 256 shades
Display mode B/B + A/B + B
Measure method double cursor distance measure
Device type Type B, power inside
Single measurement time .03s
Dimensions 240mm x 90mm x 60mm
Measuring range 3mm - 12mm curvature radius
Output Infrared
Power 500mW + 15%
Accuracy ~.05mm
Weight <.5Kg
Power Supply 3 AA batteries